A Flickr-ing Light of Hope…

I have always loved taking photographs. Though I must say, even as a Arts Graduate, I am a little lazy and find myself clicking on my DSLR to the “Auto” function. But that can be fixed – or improved- with some studying and a little bit of work, which I intend to do!

As a way to track my progress and better understand my Photographic interests, I’ve created myself an account on Flickr. Again, it’s early days; I have literally thousands of Photos to pick out and archive there as my cream of the crop. It looks like a really exciting place to be and I look forward to getting stuck in!

I have attached a link to my “Photostream” in my sidebar on the right… you can follow that at any time for the latest updates. Alternatively, you can follow this link…. Lily Schroder on Flickr

Hope you like what you see!

Until next time…

Lily x